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Miss Detection Unit RM 2703

Miss Detection Unit RM 2703 (BM) detects disconnection of ray material, jamming of raw material and discharge of stamped parts in automatic production of press stamping line and it contributes to avoid production of defective products in advance.

It will allow for compact combination with our Slug Detector BX (RM-2402).
The brightness of display is about 4 times brighter than conventional unit. It keeps clear view from a distance.
It is miniaturized in a half size of the conventional unit (MB + MX).
Low speed timing filter circuit is equipped to cope with timing sinals from switches.
This unit can correspond to 2500 spm high speed press machine.
DC12V power source for sensor use is equipped as standard item.
3channels to detect disconnection / jamming of raw material and 2 channels to detect synchronization / memory.
(7 channels are available as maximum by using 2 channels of synchronization / memory to detect disconnection / jamming of raw material.)
Input signal can be taken from contact point and PNP / NPN transistor open collector output.

Specifications are for Japan domestic market use.

Name & ModelNEW SELBER BM RM-2703
ModeJamming / Disconnection (CH1 to 3)
Synchronization / Memory, Jamming / Disconnection (CH4, CH5)
Signal Input(Front)Non-voltage contact point, For PNP / NPN transistor open collector output (DC11to 24V).
Signal Output(Rear)Relay contract (A & B) 250V, 2A max. (Resistance load) 2 systems.
Circum. Temp.0°C to 50°C
External terminalsCH1 to CH3 signal input RCA pin jack × 3pcs
CH4 and CH5 signal and timing input ø6.3 jack × 3pcs
External power supply(DC 12V) ø3.5 jack
Rear panel I/O : M3.5 terminal block
Dimensions120W × 85H × 140Dmm Excluding extruded parts
Applicable SPMLess than 2500spm(Timing signal should be 6°or over)
PowerAC100 to 240V 50/60Hz
Power consumptionLess than 30VA
AccessoriesRefer to the list
OptionsRefer to the list
AccesoriesNamePart Number or SpecificationsQtfy
Power cableWhite, black, green 200mm each with terminals at both side.1pc each
FG cableGreen1pc
RM-2703 Bracket8LPLT-2306 (Riken Keiki)2pcs
Cable clampDS-12(Nicks)1pc
Extra fuse250V 2A time lug ø5.2~20mm1pc
3P ø6.3mm plugP-31 ø6.34pcs
RCA plugP-201 Yellow3pcs
ManualOperation manual for RM-27031pc

Consumable parts and options
It is recommended to use following parts or equivalent.

UseSpec / NameP/NMaker
Signal inputRCA plugP-201 YellowTeishin Elec.
Signal / Timing inputø6.3-3P plugP-31Teishin Elec.
Fuse2A time lug(AC250V)SV-2Nagasawa Elec.
DC OUT(Option)ø3-2P plugP-61Teishin Elec.
(L=14 to 14.5mm)
Cable clumpFor fixing of external cables. Code clumpDS-12Nicks

The fixing angle kit will be necessary for use of RM-2703 alone.

Fixing angle kitAnti vibration rubber,Angle 5 cores cable, screwsRY-0017Riken Keiki

For improvement of the products, the specifications may be changed without prior notice.