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Accessories Model JBA/JG/JX/PS



Pressure Switch
Pressure Gauge
Coupler Switch


Pressure Switch JBA

This pressure switch is perfect for checking pressure within the circuit. It can withstand vibration of 30 G’s and can be used more than 1 million times. The optional lamp makes operation checks easy.

Pressure Gauge JGA/JGB

This is a glycerine containing pressure gauge. The coupler is an Rc screw, so it is easier to use with the JX branch.

Manifold JX

This is a coupler with a bolt hole for attaching it to the wall to distribute the pipe weight and link pipes when building a jig with piping specifications. Anti-corrosion materials are used, so it can be used with pneumatic circuits as well.

Coupler Switch PS

This is an interlock with the press that uses an electric signal to make ensure the hydraulic hose is detached.