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Adiabatic Cooling System
Ecodry is a central closed-circuit Adiabatic Cooling System, Designed as a replacement of old cooling tower technology.

• Reduce water consumption > 90%
• Reduce electric consumption > 40%
• No need water threat chemical


Temperature Control Unit with Chiller & Booster Pumps
Microgel is super-compact mold cooling unit specifically designed for “cycle cooling time reduction”.

Main features :
• More than 50 models, MONO or DUO Zone
• Wide temperature range: -5 to 90°C ± 0.2°C
• Chiller capacity: from 5 to 200 kW
• Booster pump per zone: from 1 to 50 m3/h


Air-Cooled Industrial Water Chillers
Heavygel is a high efficiency chiller engineered for
heavy-duty Industrial applications. The units are equipped with world class components, including high effeciency screw or multi-scroll compressors.

Main features:
• 8 Screw compressor models with capacities of 300 to 1430 Kw
• 15 Scroll compressor models with capacities of 90 to 580 kW Chiller capacity: from 5 to 200 kW