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Automatic Press Bottom Dead Point Monitoring Device NEW SELBER BX RM-2402 - 2404

Automatic Press Bottom Dead Point Monitoring Device NEW SELBER BX RM-2402 – 2404

Product Category:Spare Machine
Product Sub CategoryAutomatic Press Monitoring Device
Manufacturer:Rikken Keikin Nara
Product Status:

It covers as small as 4mm stroke length of a press machine. (It was 8mm for the conventional unit.)
It has sensor compensation function.
Similar sensor s made by other makers are also applicable.
It is miniaturized in a half size of the conventional unit (MB, MX 2sets).
It enables high accuracy detection. Resolution : 0.5μm
It has first bound detection function. (First bound automatic search function.)
The brightness of display is about 4 times brighter than conventional unit. It keeps clear view from a distance.
Error lamp will blink when error is detected.
Maximum 4-channel detection is available by installing an additional option unit (RM-2502).

Detection Method
1. Bottom Dead Center Mode (B.D.C.)
If a slug is caught in the die with spring loaded stripper, the stripper position will be changed. The slug is detected by the displacement of the stripper at B.D.C.

2. 1st Bound Mode
When the die has extra high spring force or is of bottoming construction, the slug may be almost entirely crushed, thus it may be too difficult to detect the stripper displacement. In such a case, you can use 1st Bound Mode, where the sensor highlights the stripper displacement when the stripper touches the slug (before it is crushed).

Setting of Monitoring Value
BX unit detects the difference of B.D.C. data between the current and the preceding shots as the deviation (B.D.C. displacement). Setting of monitoring value is setting of the allowable limit of displacement.