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RIKEN KEIKI NARA – Our company was established in 1972 as a subsidiary by separating from Riken Keiki Co., Ltd. (currently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market).As a satellite factory of Riken Keiki Co., Ltd., it plays a part in product development and production.
Since 1981, we have been working on the development of original products, focusing on quality control and improving productivity in high-speed press processing, and have focused on the development, production, and sales of abnormality monitoring devices and measuring instruments for press machines. As a member of the Riken Keiki Group, we will continue to contribute to industrial disaster prevention and safety under the eternal theme of “creating an environment where people can work with peace of mind.”
– Representative Director and President Tetsuya Matsumoto –

Business content
1. Manufacture and sale of automatic press monitoring equipment and measuring instruments
2. Development and manufacture of gas detector alarms
3. Manufacture and sale of various sensors
4. Other OEM development and manufacture

Main business items
1. Automatic press machine bottom dead center monitoring monitor
2. Automatic press machine bottom dead center displacement automatic measuring device
3. Press operation management system
4. Press error detection device
5. Header and former monitoring monitor
6. Combustible gas detection alarm
7 . Box exchange machine
8. Oil spray device
9. Automatic press load monitor
10. Multi-counter

parent company Riken Keiki Co., Ltd.

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